All arthritis patients know that this condition can be extremely painful and they often lack energy. These facts have often been used by many arthritis patients as an excuse for not exercising or walking enough. However, exercising does not have to be exhausting or strenuous to improve your health and stop arthritis progression.

Research that has been conducted on arthritis and exercise have shown that exercise should be an inevitable part of arthritis patients’ life in order to improve their vitality and get their mobility back.

Arm yourself with vitamins

Vitamins are very important in battling arthritis. They will restore your body energy level and at the same time help regenerate connective tissues and bones. These vitamins will help you endure exercise:

  • Vitamin B1 – It releases energy your body needs for exercise. It also helps reduce stress levels which are normally higher in arthritis patients than in healthy people. Taking dietary supplements that contain vitamin B1, you will notice that your joints are less swollen and muscle pain will almost entirely disappear.
  • Vitamin B6 – one of the main roles of this vitamin in our body is to transform the protein we take into energy. Your body will be more resistant and able to endure greater strain if the levels of this vitamin in your body are optimal.
  • Vitamin C – Our grandmas used to tell us to eat plenty of citrus fruits rich in vitamin C because it is good for our immune system. What grandmas didn’t know is that vitamin C is an important part of collagen synthesis process and collagen is part of our skin and cartilages. By taking this vitamin in right doses, our skin will keep its youthful appearance and cartilages will become more elastic.
  • Vitamin D3 – Exercising is much easier when our bones are healthy. Vitamin D3 is an inevitable ally in keeping our bones strong and dense. Our body is able to produce vitamin B3 on its own, just by being in the sun for long periods of time. However, not a lot of us are exposed to sunlight enough throughout the year. For this reason, it is advisable to take vitamin B3 supplements.

What you will achieve by exercising

Apart from feeling better in general, regular exercise will also help slow down arthritis progression. It is a known fact that we lose extra pounds when we exercise; being overweight is one of the main causes of osteoarthritis in the younger population. Getting rid of extra pounds will decrease pressure on the joints so you will be able to move easier.

Exercise will also help you firm muscles and strengthen ligaments and due to that joints’ pain level will significantly decrease. Regular physical activity will reduce your stress levels and supply you with enough energy for a productive day. You don’t have to do heavy gym training or some similar exhausting activity; swimming, yoga, stretching exercises and the exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist will be enough to stop arthritis in its tracks.