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Diet can help reduce arthritis symptoms

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease so it is very important not to stimulate but prevent inflammations in our organism. Diet is a very important segment of arthritis treatment. Eating foods that prevent inflammatory processes strengthen bones and muscles and increase...

Foods that don’t work well with arthritis

There are certain foods and food groups which cause inflammatory processes in our organism and thereby they are triggers for arthritis. These foods should be avoided as much as possible in order to avoid pain, swelling of the joints and numerous other arthritis...

Best natural treatment for arthritis

Best natural treatment for arthritis. Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disease. Natural remedies, a healthy diet and exercise can reduce the pain.

Rheumatism and arthritis – Best natural treatment

Rheumatism is a very well known term and it is considered a widespread disease with many affected worldwide. What exactly is meant by this is not always clear, because rheumatism can have many faces. Doctors therefore also speak of the “rheumatic disorders”, that may...

Scientific research

Arthritis is a disease that affects a great deal of population so researches about arthritis treatment are numerous. Many of those had the task to find out which substances and plants can help prevent joint deterioration and strengthen connective tissue structure at...

Arthritis and sedentary lifestyle

Arthritis patients are advised to exercise and move as much as possible. However, many people who suffer from this condition lead a sedentary lifestyle; either because they have chosen to do so, or because their job enforces that kind of lifestyle. Long-term sitting...

When to replace arthritis-affected joint

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, you are surely aware that you will need to replace your joint with an artificial one sooner or later. Most of the patients wonder when it is the right time for this step. The answer to this question is exclusively up to them. You...

Smoking, alcohol, and arthritis

Arthritis progression can be slowed down if you are not prone to some high-risk behaviors. The bad news is that alcohol and tobacco addiction increase the risk of rapid arthritis development. In order to prevent inflammatory processes in our body, it would be best to...

Slow down arthritis progression with exercise

All arthritis patients know that this condition can be extremely painful and they often lack energy. These facts have often been used by many arthritis patients as an excuse for not exercising or walking enough. However, exercising does not have to be exhausting or...

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